kids. . . . . . . .

I peeked in at my boys while they were sleeping last night, as I do most nights on my way to bed.  They are exactly perfect when they are asleep.  They are angels-  Exactly perfect angels- just the way God planned them to be!

It’s been a looooooong summer.  #2 gave me fits earlier this season – he should have talked to some adults that he was too shy to talk to and it ended up in a fiasco that God is taking care of.  #3 jumped out of the water the other day as I was dragging him to shore for disobedience and gave me a black eye (seriously, it’s lovely. . . .grr).    #1 gets cocky and moody every time I turn around then shocks the entire world when an animal of any kind is placed in his care.  It’s like a split personality.  Parents are crappy and spoil all the fun.  Animals are amazing creatures that should be loved and nurtured with all of his being (except when nagged to feed and water them lol)

Seeing them at their “trying” moments can make a parent pretty aggravated.  Watching them be mature, loving, and kind are the moments to savor.  Remember and dwell on these moments today.  If it’s hard. …  . peek in on them when they are sleeping.  Pray for that angel in the bed and remember to love him/her through the heartache.

P.S.  #1 is now the proud owner of a black Holland lop rabbit, born on May 25th of this year.  It has been his dream for over a year now!  Happy Birthday Flex ( a week early)!!!!!!!! (in case any of you wonder- Flex is not his real name. . . . he acquired that nick name at church camp for his “showing off” abilities- a mother could not be prouder!  LOL)


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