A week in the life. . . . .

Monday– mom gets black eye from naughty kid’s head.  #1 son slices the end off his toe with a sharp rock in the lake.

Tuesday– we go and pick up the cutest and cheapest (free)  little birthday present ever!  A 2 month old black Holland Lop rabbit.

Wednesday– #3 child splits his chin wide open after swim lessons when his chin collided with a friend’s head.  Friend- small cut on head no medical help needed.  #3- Closest Urgent Care facility, 45 minutes away from lake, glues his chin back together after anxiety attack and having to be held down by staff.

Thursday– Lord willing, #3’s orthodontist will discover that no damage was done to his teeth in the collision and we will have a glorious play date with friends!

Friday– Lord willing, we will attend the last swim lesson for this season.  #3 will observe until cookie and juice time and the other boys will finish out the season!

Saturday– Lord willing, I will get the laundry caught up

Sunday– Lord willing, I will get my spiritual tank refilled and will be able to bless those living at the homeless shelter with others from church.

Monday– Lord willing, I will pack for vacation and spend some time at a football meeting for #1 son

If the Lord is not willing to allow these simple requests, His plan will come to fruition and I hope it does not include me taking a vacation wrapped in a straight jacket at our local mental hospital. . . . . . .

One day at a time, sweet Jesus!  That’s all I’m asking from you!  Please give me the strength to do everything that I need to do!


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