One Ugly Hillbilly

The following story is an excerpt from “Created to be his Help Meet” by Debi Pearl.  I have mentioned her book before in my blog.  It is controversial but I believe in my heart of hearts that Debi is right on the mark.  Whether or not I make the choice to learn to follow all her advice is between God and my own independent heart!  As you read, please forgive the typo’s – I’m in a hurry today!

“A few years back, there was an overweight hillbilly woman who worked in the local store in our hometown.  Every time we went into the hardware store, several men would be standing around the counter talking to her, and they were always luaghing.  We usually had to wade throught the cheerful crowd and interrupt the gaiety to get served.  Her swarm of admireres reminded me of bees around the honey, buzzing with high iterest.  The strange thing was that this woman was ugly, I mean, hillbilly ugly, which worse than regular ugly.  One day as we were leaving the store, I laughingly brought to my husband’s attention all those men standing around talking to the salses cleark.  His reply really surprised me, “Oh, you mean that cute little lady?”  Live and learn!  And apparently I really had something important to learn.  In his mind that lady was cute!  The truth is, she was not little, she was not cute, and she was not young.  But she did smile, laugh, and giggle, and she was always ready for a good clean joke.  I loved being in the sotre talking to her as much as the men did.  She was delightful.  A few weeks later, we saw her in the grocery store.  She was mad at her very obese daughter for grabbing a handful of candy.  Gone were the smiles, giggles, and radiance that had so captivated everyone at the hardware store.  In their place was a bitter, ugly, snarl.  My hsuband remarked when we left the grocery store, “Haven’t we seen that woman somewhere before?  She looks familiar, but I just can’t place her.”  When I told him who she was, he was stunned.  “No, it’s not possible; it just can’t be her.  The woman in the hardware store does not look like that.”  I could see the truth dawn on him, and he was so disappointed.  The funny thing was that the woman looked just like she always did.  She was the same size, sam scraggly hairstyle, the same clothes style, the same everything she was when we saw her in the hardware store.  All she lacked was her glorious smile.  It was her most valuable asset.  Her face was always so radiant, her smile so infectious, her laughter so sweet, and her eyes so earnest that people simply saw her as cute.  I don’t know if she had a husband, but I am sure she could have had a dozen different men in that small town- as long as they never saw her in the grocery store, mad at her daughter.

Everyone is drawn to a smile and wants to be a friend to someone overflowing with good will.  Men are highly attracted to smiles.  That includes your husband.  Do you want your husband to stay home more?  A merry heart and a mischievious giggle are good drawing cards.”

Proverbs 17:22 A cheerful heart is good medicine, but a broken spirit saps a person’s strength.


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