Beef Short Ribs

I’ve been so busy with swim lessons and meetings and recovering from camping at the fair that I’ve neglected “what’s for dinner”!  The other day I got out a couple packages of ribs from the freezer- we are down to the ribs, stew meat, etc from our cow and pig that we put in there a while back.  Just in time too because soon there will be turkey, duck, and rabbit in there!

Anyway- Short ribs are the wider section of rib than what you typically see at the grocery store.  Come to think of it, most ribs at the store are pork ribs.  Anyway, ribs are ribs and you  cook them all the same.  Some people grill them on a low flame, I hate to waste all that fuel and when I’m grilling it’s usually because I’m in a hurry.  So my ribs are done in the oven.

This time I got them out frozen, wacked them on the counter to break them apart.  I don’t have a broiler pan, but if you do, this is a great time to use it.  Instead, I use my largest cookie sheet with a lip on it and the wire cookie racks that I have.  The large amount of fat on ribs makes it mandatory that you cook them up off the bottom of the pan so you the grease has a place to go away to.

I placed my frozen short ribs on my wire racks that were on the cookie sheet and covered them tightly with foil.  No seasoning, no nothing- just the hunks of meat.  I placed them in a 200-250^ oven and left them for like 8 hours.  When we came home that night, they were beautiful!  We served them with BBQ sauce.

If you don’t want to wait 8 hours, you can use my moms “Sunday dinner” trick.  Turn the oven up hot, like 450^, while you are getting ready in the morning- for an hour or so.  Then right before you walk out the door, turn it down to 250^.  They should be done when you get home from church.

Short version of that story:

tightly covered and still  frozen ribs, roast, chicken, etc (meat with less fat should have a shallow layer of water in the pan)

450^- 1 to 1 1/2  hours

Reduce to 250^ for 4 hours

Dinners ready!


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