Dumb and Dumber

Yesterday I took the kids and went to town to run errands.  It grew later than I had expected and so I decided to drop by one of the many fast food chains and get us all a snack to tide us over until we got home to the ribs I had on low in the oven. 

I pulled up to the drive through thingy and noticed that Icees were cheaper than soda- 1.29 vs 1.59!!  I also saw that fries and onion rings were a buck.  So I ordered, and I quote, “I need 2 small fries, 2 small onion rings, 2 small orange Icees, and 2 small Coke Icees.  Oh, and some ketchup packets.”  The voice on the other end said, “that will be 12.49” (it was something more than 12 anyway)

You all do the math here:









Should equal 9.16  plus tax. 

So, I say to the voice, “are you sure that’s right?” 

The voice repeats my order back to me just like I had given it to her. 

 I then say, “for 4 dollar items and 4 1.29 items?” 

The voice then says, “you ordered smalls not value menu” 

I say, “what’s the difference?”

The voice answers rather sarcastically as if I’m the idiot, “The size and price!”

You dork!  I know it’s the size and price but WHAT IS THE SIZE DIFFERENCE AND PRICE DIFFERENCE??????  (I said the capitalized stuff in my head, Really)

I then say to the voice, “I realize that.  What is the difference in price?”

She then rudely explains to me that smalls are actually larger than value sized items and I tell her to change the entire order to value size items. 

Lessons learned-

  1. Assume the entire world is stupid! (not really but come on!!!)
  2. Never assume that small might actually be the smallest size available. 
  3.  Apparently small is now the new medium.
  4. Ask LOTS and LOTS of questions before placing any order with anyone- you never know what you might get or how much it might cost you!!

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