Heart Response

I’ve been using Elizabeth George quite often in our little devotion time ladies.  She intrigues me.  I have never heard her speak, but her books match her picture on the back perfectly.  Her books are sweet, quiet, nurturing.  Her picture on the back has that exact same expression.  I am not typically drawn to sweet and cute- typically people like this make me want to vomit .  But Elizabeth’s books make me want to pick them up and read some more!  It’s like I’m reading advice from an old sage who knows where my heart is. . . .
Each chapter of her “A woman after God’s own heart” book has a section called Heart response at the end.  Chap 22 says this (shortened)- “It sure is easy for priorities to get out of whack. . . .and making the choices to get back on track can sure be tough!  Is God speaking to you right now about how you are living your life?  Is time with Him the first thing you seek each new day?  David cried out to God in teh wilderness:  O God, You are my God; early will I seek you; my soul thirsts for you; my flesh longs for you in a dry and thirsty land where there is no water. (psalm 63:1)  W/o a regular time with God, your Ultimate Priority, your life will be dry and barren and you and everything in it will suffer.  Look at your priorities, are you neglecting any of your priority people? Is your home blossoming into a haven of rest?  Are you using the first fruits of your free time to be filled spiritually so that you can serve God and His people?  Put simply, are you seeking first things first-every day?”
What caught my attention here was David’s analogy of life w/o God.  Without God life is like a land where there is no water- NONE.  Water is something we soooooo take for granted.  Think for a minute about what you would do differently if there was no water.  No coffee, no flushing the toilet, no bath, no shower, no macaroni and cheese, no garden,  no washing your kids ouchy,  the list goes on and on!
The other thing I noticed in this excerpt was Eliz. questions for us readers.  She is not trying to make us (me) feel bad if our priority people, our home, etc have not been for the better.  Her point here is that our first priority should be with God and then the other things that are neglected will fall into place.
It’s really about God, folks.  Is the Son in your eyes?  Every time you use water today, remind yourself of the Ultimate Priority.
Heavenly Father- Thank You!  You know my hurried morning, Lord!  You know our hearts.  Speak to us.  Remind us to focus on you!  Thank You for all you do!  Amen

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