Prayer is a Lifestyle

So, dear one, don’t cave in under pressure!  Don’t give in to life’s troubles!  Don’t disinegrate into a puddle of tears and depression!  Instead, take Jesus’ advice to heart.  He said you “always out to pray and not lose heart”.  So, answer His call to prayer.  Make it your lifestyle!
final comments from Eliz. George in “A Woman’s Call to Prayer”
Dear Heavenly Father- Thank you for wise women like Elizabeth George.  Her books are so kind and loving- truly a gift from You.  Your word tells us to pray and not lose heart and I believe with all my heart that you hear me when I pray.  Help us  Lord.  Help us to be the kind of spouses, parents, and people  that are so full of You that your light literally flows from our smiles.  Help us to grow to be the image of what godly women should be.  Thank You, Jesus! – amen

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