What to eat at the Fair

Since we will be camping at the 4-H fair next week, I thought I would spend some time discussing what I enjoy of “fair food” and what we cook at the camper while camping there.

My list of “to die for” and “can’t live without” from the Fair-

  1. Shaken Lemonade
  2. Fish and Fries
  3. Fried Cheese
  4. Wet Burrito
  5. Shaved ice
  6. Taco in a Bag (or Walking Taco)
  7. Soft Pretzel
  8. Elephant ears
  9. Pork Burger
  10. Corn on the Cob

NOTE: a couple of those are considered healthy, I think. . . . . .

But seriously, how do we live at the fair and not double in size in 7 days?  I try to purchase fair food for one meal and one snack each day and that is it.  The rest of the time we eat at the camper.  But living in a camper at the fairgrounds is completely different than “going camping”.  Camp fires cannot be left unattended  and besides that, it’s usually like 9000 degrees the week of the fair and no one wants to have an outdoor fire to warm up by.   But we do have a stove and microwave in the camper and a grill that I keep outside as well.

Last year, 3 kids, me, and my honey/husband only part time – we went through 2 cases of bottled water (I buy this and teach them how to mix their own koolaid, gatorade, etc. mixes in them rather than buying tons of soft drinks) and 10 gallons of “from home” water.   The 10 gallons of water was used for cooking and drinking because we don’t like the taste of the fair water.  We did use fair water for bathing and toilet facilities though.

But because the “fair life” is not a sit at the campfire all day kind of life, the food must be different.  We have cold cereal or breakfast bars nearly every morning.  We have lunch meat or hamburgers/hotdogs for lunch/dinner.  I do bring eggs and ham too and keep pancake mix in the camper.  There will also be tons of carbs for the kids to snack on.  I did not say it would be a healthy week by any means.  I also keep apples, oranges, and maybe a banana or two on hand as well.  Plenty of coffee and Coca Cola for me!

Any fair campers out there have any thoughts on how they do it?


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