I’m back online!

Sorry about my absence! I thought my computer was up for the recycling bin, but low and behold it was merely a 2 minute fix that my handy dandy neighbor man corrected for us!  He deserves so much more than chips and salsa and a can of pop (which he wasn’t here long enough this time to even get any of!)  Anyway, I will try to get some devotions up for all of you later on today.  Next week I will be busy with the 4-H fair but I’m gonna try to put some stuff on here with publications dates for the future – If I can figure out how!

Time to go get #3 up for day camp!  I’m so proud of him!  He is going to daycamp without his brothers and is willingly riding in a carpool that I have not even driven for yet (today is my day)!  Kudos to #3  He’s an awesome boy!


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