The greatest joy in life

I looked up the word “garden” in the concordance of my Bible to see what God had to say about my garden that I plan to go work in here in a little bit.  He sent me to Ecclesiastes 2.  Funny, it really didn’t have much to do with gardening but it was really interesting and I read Chap 2 and 3 before reminding myself that I could read more tomorrow! 
Anyway, the story goes the Solomon decided to do a scientific experiment of sorts.  He decided to give himself the “good life”.  Everything that he thought would make him happy he acquired.  He even got drunk and did some stupid things that he thought the average person would believe made them happy. He built a huge home, huge garden (hmm, must be where the concordance meant), slaves, concubines, money, animals, activities directors (entertainers).  Anything his heart desired, he got it for himself.  Throughout this time he remained clear headed (so he says- lol) so he could evaluate his experiment. 
After doing this, he decided that it all was really quite meaningless.  He also concluded that being wise was better than “the good life” but he couldn’t figure out why it was because both kinds of people just die in the end anyway.  He then got quite frustrated as he thought about what would happen to all his hard work in the end.  In 2:18+ he said, “I am disgusted that I must leave the fruits of my hard work to others.  Who can tell whether my successors will be wise or foolish?  Yet they will control everything. . . .” 
He then went into a depression trying to figure out what the point was in all the hard work if it really was for nothing.  He drug himself out of his depression by concluding that pleasure is from the hand of God and there is no better pleasure than that of  enjoying food and drink that you earn through the satisfaction of hard work.  God gives wisdom, knowledge, and joy to those who please Him!
How interesting it is. . . . I find myself thinking of  people I know who are in that sort of depression.  The  depression Solomon speaks of where people do nothing to make their lives better or pleasing to God because it’s all for nothing- meaningless.  I often hear  similar statements like “what’s the point”.  Thinking about myself and how this relates, I often finding myself wanting it all but being unwilling to get off my butt and go get it.  That makes no sense really because I know as well as anyone else that enjoying the fruits of my labor truly is the greatest joy in life! 
Dear Heavenly Father,   Thank you for writing down the wisdom of Solomon.  Thank you for the “poke” reminder that my life will not be a joy if I don’t work to make it so!  I want to please You.  You made joy and pleasure and happiness and it truly only makes sense that the only way to have those for myself is to do what You want me to do.  Remind me throughout the week and be with my friends and help them to do the same.  In your name, amen

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  1. Mom

    Hey did you or D take the picture of the chicken?

    It makes my day seeing and reading your stuff! My daughter the writer! just remember you have two
    more brothers to write about. Love You, just being
    a MOM.

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