Daily Devotions

Some girlfriends and I have been doing a little “motivation” club through daily emails.  S gives us a decluttering mission of tossing two things every day.  Some examples are: toss two magazines that you know you won’t have time to read anyway or find two socks that have not had mates in some time and toss them.  A gives us a decluttering mission of using up something we have every day.  These are things like: look in your fridge at those fresh veggies going limp and make soup today or find some notecards that you’ve been meaning to send out “someday” and send a note to a friend or loved one.   B gives us ways to show love to ourselves or others each day- things like put a note in your husbands lunch that tells him how much you love him or get out the fancy dinner candles and have dinner by candle light with the kids tonight.  And my job is to provide a daily devotion!

In my quest to make sure I get that done each day, I’ve been neglecting my blog!  So, I’m going to try to do my devotions on here and then my girlfriends get my promise kept that I made and all of you get to share in it!!!  Now, it may not be every day and it most likely will not happen on Sundays unless I have some awesome realization while I’m at church but welcome to our club!!

I have saved our devotions from the past few weeks and so I will be adding them a few at a time as well as my new ones that have not been created yet.  So, if you get notice of multiple blog entries, just pick one!

Let me know what you think!!  If you would like me to do a devotion on something specific, pass that on to me as well and I’ll do my best!

Have a great day!


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