The Purpose of Administrative Board meetings and other such things

The purpose of being on a board, be it church or work or a non-profit group or club, is to not simply go through the formalities of a meeting to say you had one.  The meeting is for making decisions,  discussing solutions to problems, and deciding as a group how to implement things for the betterment of the organization.  The president or group leader is “technically” in charge but they are not to be dictators. 

Sometimes they are forced into being dictators because the rest of the group doesn’t show up or because the rest of the group does not participate fully in the meeting.

My point is this:  Don’t go to a meeting and sit quietly throughout the whole thing only to turn around and critique the decisions or express concerns after the meeting has been adjourned.   Meetings are for expressing your feelings about decisions and to have the whole group help you with any concerns you may have. 

If you refuse to speak up during the meeting, you have then forfeited your ability to have the group work with you or help you or bring to the forefront any excellent ideas or concerns you may have.


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