Another thing learned living with boys

In Cub Scouts, my middle kid learned how to carve bars of soap. He did a project for CS and then did a second one for a report in school. There is a lot of “wasted” soap when one is done with such a project so his group leader suggested that they use the shavings in the bathtub.

Flash forward : He came home from a sleep over very tired and grouchy. I told him to go take a long bath to calm down and offered a motivation of being able to use his soap shavings. While the tub was filling, I told him to wash his hair in the running water so he wouldn’t have to dip his head into the tub later. Well, he didn’t want to. So he washed his hair in the tub water. The same tub water that had very cheap soap shavings dissolved throughout it and a nice scum of perfumey “crud” floating on top.

Have you ever dipped your arm into really yucking dishwater and lifted it out to discover all the grease had clung to your arm hair? Well, that is what happened to his head hair!!! He had so much soap scum in his hair that it was stiff!!!!! We rinsed and rinsed and it just stayed and stayed. I called a beautician friend and asked her what I could try before paying for a Malibu treatment (build up removal stuff). She suggested baking soda and shampoo mixed together or anything acidic. We joked about turning his head into one large volcano by mixing the baking soda with vinegar or lemon juice. I asked him what he wanted to do and he agreed to try baking soda and shampoo first. I was a little leary that my cheap shampoo would not work so I mixed equal amounts of baking soda with Shaklee’s Basic H (those who don’t know this product, it’s an all purpose, all natural cleaner that is safe for use as a bath gel if needed). Basic H is highly concentrated but I used if full strength anyway with the baking soda. The first try it worked like magic!!!! I got huge lather with the combo of the 2 products and his  hair looked beautiful!!! Not dull like little boys who hate to shampoo’s hair usually looks like- shiny, healthy and squeeky clean! Impressive!

Those of you in the same boat as me, tuck this into your memory banks until you need it!!

For more information on Shaklee products go to


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