God is. . . .

We’re stressed about money, they’re stressed about money, everybody’s stressed about money. Friday night I watched 20/20 “living on the edge”. It was story after story of how the economic crisis has changed lives for the worse. One family lived in a multi-100’s of thousands dollar home and had an emergency plan of “the economy was our emergency plan. If we needed more $$, I picked up extra work”. They are now on food stamps after 2 short years. Another family- dad laid off, mom is teachers aid- moved into an apt. to save money but mom’s wages are not enough. Their freezer is empty, their fridge has jelly and ketchup in it and their oldest son (HS) is glad to go to school so he can eat.

Be thankful. . . . however we decide to judge these families or have pity on them. The end result is still the same. They are having a really difficult time. We are not starving, we have our basics taken care of, our husbands all are doing what they believe with all their hearts is the right thing. may God bless them (and us) for it. . . . .

Go for a walk today. Look at the beauty. Look at what God is. . . . he is little purple flowers that pop up in the woods as a symbol of spring. He is little water bugs skating in the ditch. He is kids whacking sticks against dead tree trunks to see what happens and to hear the echo in the woods. He is . . . . . . . .


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