In a Flash they’ll be grown

This morning, I got to hold my 6 1/2 y.o’s hand as we walked downstairs for breakfast together. Last night, I got to talk to my 8 y.o. about whether or not he was ready for sleep-over camp this summer.  Late last night, I got to hug my 10 y.0. after a hard day at wrestling practice.

My “devils during the day” and “angels while they’re sleeping” have moments of pure joy.  The time I have left to teach them all they need to know before they go off into the big big world is nearly over -more than half over for my 10 y.o. and almost half over for the others.

All the older women in my life told me this time would be gone in a flash and I didn’t used to believe them.  I used to feel like it was all a dream and in reality I was just these kid’s babysitter and their parents would be home to be pick them up at any minute. 

I believe them today.  I believed them yesterday when I watched my son get hurt on the wrestling mat and I watched him quickly turn those hot tears into anger and self-esteem so no one would see him cry.  I believed them last weekend when my painfully shy 6 y.o. showed his mom where he had to go for that last heat of his Pinewood Derby Race and I watched him overcome the overwhelming desire to run back to me and instead stand with the others and wait his turn for the race.  I believed them a week ago when I received notice that my 8 y.o. with test anxiety was successful in completing the state mandated test without the help of the school counselor. 

Life is good.  Time is flying.  My life is one prayer after another. . . . .

Take a look at your devil angels tonight when they’re sleeping.  Look long and hard and put that image in your body’s hard drive and have it encrypted so no one can remove it from your brain.   Remind your kids that there is NOTHING they can do to make you stop loving them.


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One response to “In a Flash they’ll be grown

  1. excellent truth. this makes us all think about this wonderful thing called life!

    Curt Canada

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