Huge Batch Hot Cocoa Mix

2 lbs Nestle’s Quick

2 lbs powdered milk

2 lbs powdered sugar

8 oz powdered coffee creamer


This filled my stainless steel “popcorn” bowl to the top!  It seemed a little weak in the chocolate area so I added about half a cup of baking cocoa.

To make hot cocoa:  1/4 cup mix to 1 cup hot water


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One response to “Huge Batch Hot Cocoa Mix

  1. hsl2000

    I have often found these recipes to be pretty weak in the chocolate area, and often too sweet as well. I would suggest adding even a cup of cocoa instead of just half a cup and cutting the powdered sugar back to only a pound! Still good but not quite so much of a sugar high. (And if your kids love to float marshmallows in their hot chocolate, I’d cut the sugar even more)

    One more thing I have found helpful–I process the ingredients briefly, just until the mixture is evenly powdery. This way it looks more like the purchased mixes and it also dissolves quickly and thoroughly even in water that isn’t real hot.

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