How to cook “from the garden” SQUASH

Butternut, Acorn, ETC

Slice in half. Scoop out seeds, Lay face down on baking sheet. Bake at 350 for one hour. Check for doneness by stabbing with a fork in the non-seed end. If fork goes in easily it is done. If not, return to oven for another 15 min. and check again. Repeat as needed. It will depend on the size of the squash. Once it is soft, turn over and scoop out the flesh and place into a heat proof bowl. Add a little butter and salt and stir to combine. Enjoy. This will make a very moist squash, if you like yours drier- bake with the cut side up instead. Any leftovers can be used to make “pumpkin” pie (follow basic pumpkin pie directions but replace pumpkin with squash) or you can add small amounts of leftvoer squash to pancakes, waffles, or muffins.


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