#17 Spend some money the day after

The day after any given holiday, that is.   The day after Christmas there will be tons of stuff marked down by 50% and by New Year stuff will be 75-90% off.  This is the perfect time to buy wrapping paper, bows, ribbon, gift bags, Christmas cards for next year, etc.  It is also the perfect time to think about gifts you will need to buy in the next year.  Many of the “gift packages” that are pre-packaged, wrapped in cellophane “sets” are perfect for birthdays, graduations, etc.  Some of them may be packaged specifically  for Christmas but you can take them out of the package and re-wrap them and still save a ton of money.  Health and Beauty items can often be bought for pennies on the dollar if you watch the sales and then make sure the cashier rings it up correctly.  Snack foods can also be bought at greatly reduced prices as well.

The key to this is:

  1. Know how much you need
  2. Know what you need
  3. Don’t buy more than you need or will use up in a reasonable amount of time
  4. Don’t buy something that is really cheap unless you already have a plan for what to do with it.


Some things that I often buy the day after Christmas are:

  1. Those little lunch bag sized paper/plastic gift bags (.12 or less)- buy enough for my kids classrooms next year
  2. Ribbon- solid colored only- can be used all year round
  3. Wrapping Paper- I keep an eye out for solid colored paper or striped or plaid.  Many of these can work all year round
  4. Gift boxes- go for the plain ones
  5. Gift bags- Walmart often has plain paper ones in silver and gold or red and green
  6. Lotion in gift sets
  7. Foot pampering products
  8. Nuts in gift packages (no one cares at home if the Planter Peanut Man is wearing a Santa Hat or not)
  9. Gummy candy (kids snacks)
  10. Chocolate (we can never have enough- 50%-75% off is a great buy!)
  11. Tablecloths and “real” Napkins (often can find solid colored ones)
  12. Paper Towels and Napkins and Plates (no one cares at home if we eat off of christmas tree covered plates in June)
  13. Ornaments
  14. Christmas Lights (Dollar General had really nice ones last year for .30 a strand- no kidding!!)
  15. Craft Supplies (store them until next November and you are set for many homemade gifts)
  16. Cologne and Perfume (watch for your own favorites as well as to give to others)
  17. Stockings (if we need new ones or to use for gift bags next year)
  18. Christmas Gag Gifts like Coal in it’s own gift bag (.25 last year)
  19. Candy Quick or Chocolate Bark (this can be frozen until next year with minimal changes to it- expensive chocolate for candy making may not freeze as well)
  20. Limited Time only Holiday flavors of creamer, hot drinks, etc.
  21. Cany Canes (can be frozen also- I freeze mine to make peppermint bark the next year)
  22. Pajamas (if your family needs new ones)- may not be greatly reduced but even 25% off helps!
  23. Slippers (if your family needs new ones)- another that may only be 25% off
  24. Long Underwear (may be cheaper yet after new year)
  25. Lip gloss in gift sets
  26. Greeting Cards and Stationery


Keep in mind that after each holiday there are significant things on clearance.  Keep a watchful eye this year and then you will start to get a feel for where to shop on the day after the following year!


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