Bats in our Belfry

I hate bats!  I just want you all to know!  I love having them around to eat mosquitoes, don’t get me wrong!  I just hate it when they decide to check out other parts of the house instead of staying in our attic where they are welcome!!  When we brought down our Christmas decorations last week, we found a bat with a broken wing hopping around the hallway, bouncing between bedrooms.   No DH home to save me and the thing was so scared he wouldn’t sit still for a minute so the boys and I captured him and fed him to the cats (no PETA comments please- he was injured, could not fly.  It was more ethical to put him down with one chomp from a cat than it was to put him back in the attic to slowly die because he couldn’t go get food.  AND I was not going to feed him!  Where am I going to find bugs this time of year!) 

Then yesterday morning, I was running late and I sent my oldest to go wake his siblings for school.  He went upstairs  and sure enough, 2 of them start yelling, “there’s a bat up here!”  DH was home and awake this time so I sent him to save me.  He couldn’t find the bat!  Apparently it went back into the unfinished part of our son’s closet (open in the back where the duct work divides up into each bedroom)  He had a deadline to meet so he left and I told the boys to keep the closet door closed. 

All was well, for a while. . . .  I put the boys to bed at 8 and my youngest was not feeling well so he and I lay down together in my room.  A little before 9, I hear this blood curdling scream, “the bat is in my room again!”  My middle son was reading when he realized he had company once again (he had opened his closet door, darn him).  I sleepily told him to come into my room and he could lay with us.  I thought my oldest was asleep and then all the sudden I heard him up walking around.  He found the bat hanging under the smoke detector in the hallway!  We all went to bed in my room with the door closed and I called my husband, interrupted the meeting he was in, to tell him, “we’re all hold up in the bedroom because there is a bat hanging in the hallway”.  He says, “do you need help right now?  I’m in a meeting?”  I say, “we’re just going to all sleep together with the door closed.  please get the bat when you get home”.  Needless to say, I slept horrible!


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  1. monica

    oh that’s funny! We had a bat once in our old house – only it was in my bedroom and Dan was at work (12 hr 3rd shift). I knew he wouldn’t come home for something as simple as a bat but I called him anyways. He had me call the old toothless neighbor man to come get the bat. Luckily that has been my only experience with bats!!!!!!!!

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