Get Burned stuff off pans Automatic Dishwashing detergent

Yesterday, I pulled a stupid.  When my spagetti noodles got done cooking, I poured them into my plastic strainer/colander and then sat the strainer on top of the stock pot that I had cooked them in.  This is my usual way of doing this, except yesterday I forgot to turn the burner off that the stock pot was sitting on!!!  The heat from the burner burned the inside of the pot nearly completely black and that same heat had begun melting my strainer.  I pried it off the pan to discover that the heat combined with the weight of the spagetti had drawn the colander down into the pot.  It was not liquid plastic yet but it was like salt water taffy as it starts to set up.  The plastic colander sat in the sink, noodles and all until it was cool enough to put in the garbage and the pot went out on the porch, in the rain, to cool off. 

Anyway, this morning I put some dry Cascade (automatic dishwashing detergent) in the bottom of the pot and put hot water in on top of it.  They say that automatic dishwashing detergent is harmful to skin so I stirred with a metal spoon to dissolve the detergent.  I let this sit for a while and you could see the chemical moving around in the water mixture.  When it was nearly cool I stirred again and black flakes of burnt stuff started swirling around!!  I rinsed it thoroughly and then scrubbed with a scouring pad and nearly all the black stuff is gone!  My favorite sized pot from my stainless steel cookware is saved!!!

This same recipe worked on set tea stains in my plastic “diner” cups as well.


BTW- Angel hair pasta cooked up in 10 minutes, from before boiling water to ready to eat!!!  Lets say we had bread and fruit for an appetizer to the main course while we waited!! LOL


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