Crabby and Crappy and that’s me today!

Do you ever have days that, despite the fact that everything seems to be going rather smoothly, you just feel yucky and that things are out of control?  That is me today.  For no particular reason, I just don’t care today.  Perhaps it the weather (it’s now decided to rain and apparently will be for several days), perhaps it’s the dirty house, perhaps it’s just me!  No matter what, it’s still obviously a bad day.

I went on the Flylady website ( ) looking for some inspiration and I found some and I am hoping to be able to take that inspiration to heart and get out of this slump I am in.    She had wrote a short article about “Let it begin with me”.  She was basing her talk on the song, “Let there be Peace on Earth and let it begin with me”.  This is a truly beautiful song and if you don’t know it, check out the website and click on the Heavenly Midis 2 page.  There you will find lyrics to tons of Christian hymns and contemporary Christian music as well.   Anyway back to my point. . . . .

Peace on Earth includes peace within yourself,  peace in your home, peace in your family, peace in your church, peace in your neighborhood, etc.  Peace cannot be accomplished if someone doesn’t start it.  You know the phrase,  “If mama ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy”?  Have you ever realized just how exactly true that is?  If the mom is in a mood, somehow everyone else is in a mood too!!

Let me encourage you, through my crappy mood, to go wash your face, put on some happy music, dance a little around the house, and make the choice to place peace in your heart so you can have peace in your family!


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  1. I have danced around the house today even with the crappy weather. I am on the east coast and it’s been raining here all day ;(

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