#1 Use a good calendar- use it well. . . .

I recommend the Flylady Calendar.  You can view and purchase it from the Flylady’s website  http://www.flylady.net/pages/FlyShop_calendar.asp

Let me tell you about it and  how I use it.  The Flylady calendar runs from August of one year through the end of the following year.  This works wonderfully for me because school starts in August (like a fiscal year for parents).  This allows me to schedule ahead of the calendar year too- you know. . .. those appts that you make in November that aren’t until January? 

This Calendar also can be purchased with stickers.  The stickers are to help draw your attention to important things like dr. appts,  birthdays, sporting events, school vacations,  date night, etc.  I don’t use them nearly as much as I should but they do a wonderful job and they look nice too!!  The stickers come 2 different ways- one is the traditional flylady stickers that also include things like zones, weekly home blessing hour, etc (if you are not familiar with the terms, check out flylady’s website:  www.flylady.net ).  The other set of stickers is for school related stuff.  I typically switch back and forth between the two kinds when I order.

This calendar also has a pocket in the back to keep important things like wedding invitations or maps to important events.  This pocket is not your typical flimsy envelope sized pocket that breaks off before the year is half over.  This pocket is the same size as the calendar and is kept sturdy by being bound right onto the spiral binding with the calendar pages themselves.

My favorite part of the Flylady calendar????  IT HAS LINES ON IT!!!!!!  Why is this such a big deal to me, you ask?  I have 5 people living in this house and a calendar can start to look prettteeee ugly in no time!!  So I have devised a system that works really well for me.  The very bottom line is for the youngest; the next line up is for #2 child; next up is the firstborn and then me and then their dad.  I reserve the top of each day for events that involve the whole family and for historical items my husband and I like to jot down (like my work hours-since we’re self-employed I have to keep track of that, when harvest starts and ends, when raspberry season is,  when a project was started, etc)

Another thing I do to help make things a little simpler- you know all those schedules and calendars the school sends home?  When they come home, I transfer the info that applies to our family onto our flylady calendar and throw the schedule/school calendar away (unless it has info that we might need later- I put that in the pocket).  No 500 magnets holding 500 different schedules for 500 different people- just one calendar, every person has their own line, it’s all right in front of us when we sit down at the supper table each night (front of fridge). 

You don’t have to use the flylady calendar but you do need one that works well for your family.  Try different ones until you find one that works!!!



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2 responses to “#1 Use a good calendar- use it well. . . .

  1. I have decided to do something about the clutter in my house finally. I had enough when I could not take a picture in my house that I was ok with showing to people…enough is enough! I have decided to start flylady and take before and after pictures of different parts of my house until it’s all “picture perfect” 😉

  2. ruralmomof3

    Good for you renee!!! Click on renee’s name if you want to keep an eye on her or give her some encouragement! Baby Steps, Renee!!! BABY STEPS!!

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