It rained last night!  With average rain of around 4 inches for the month of August and 3 1/2 inches for the month of July, we welcomed a thunderstorm last night with “go-out-and-dance-in-the-rain-in-your-pajamas” enthusiasm!  (not literally, it was like the middle of the night! lol).  It has not rained a lick in our little section of the world for more than 6 weeks!  A mere 5 miles away got short bursts of rain recently, just 35 miles north of us got some nice thunderstorms a few weeks back- but not us. 

Some farmers have started to chop their corn instead of wait for harvest.  Corn that should still be green, is yellowing fast.  Our sweet corn is done growing, our potatoes are done growing, the squash and pumpkin vines look sick.  Even soybeans, that normally withstand a lot of drought, are starting to yellow on the high ground!  Needless to say we needed the rain!  Thank you, Jesus!

Last Sunday at church someone asked the pastor to pray for rain.  The pastor was quickly reminded by someone else that when he prayed for rain last year, we got 15 inches of the stuff! (this is too much at one time- flooding in low lying areas)  He didn’t think prayers for specific amounts would be answered-LOL but he put in a special request anyway.  LOL  See, God has provided once again!

The next time you notice your yard is getting crunchy and turning brown, pray for a farmer.  The world’s food supply hurts when a farmer’s crops are in need of rain!  And on the flip side, the next time you have to drive through or around a flooded roadway, pray for a farmer too.  Too much rain at one time, kills the world’s food supply as well.  If the farmer has some stuff still growing, he may not be able to get to it either. 

Thank you, Jesus, for the beautiful rain!


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