God keeps His promises!

I like to let my Bible just open sometimes and see where I land. Today I landed in 2nd Kings18: 31 through 20:21. It was about Hezekiah. He was a black and white thinker, followed the letter of the law- God’s law. God promised him that He would never let Jerusalem fall into Assyrian power. The Assyrian king had taken control of every land he had come into contact with and forced everyone in them to worship him/his gods. The Assyrian king would send messengers to Hezekiah’s men, badgering them, belittling them, saying horrible things to them, trying to make them doubt that God would keep His promise. Hezekiah was very frustrated with all this- completely in anguish. Hezekiah prayed in 19:15-19 begging God to step in on his behalf and keep his promise. God assured him that he would keep them safe from Assyrian power. God sent word that he had this all planned out beforehand and now it was time to set things into action. God told Hezekiah to push forward and continue to obey Him. God promised that Hezekiah would know that God’s hand was upon him because he would (19:29) eat the gleanings (the leftovers in the fields) the first year, eat whatever he could beg or borrow or steal the second year, but the third year he would be able to sow and reap his own harvest. God then went on to promise that he would fill the king of Assyria with self-doubt based on false rumors. The king would go into hiding. God then said that there would be not even one arrow shot or one shield brandished but that Assyria would never possess Jerusalem. That night, while Hezekiah and his men slept and angel of God killed 185,000 Assyrians!! Hezekiah awoke to find that God had indeed kept his promise!! Chapter 20 goes on to tell how God then performed a miracle in Hezekiah himself- he was dying from an infected boil and he begged God to preserve his life. God did, and proved that it was Him by turning back the hand of the sundial. Hezekiah lived for 15 more years and then his son became king.

I don’t know about all of you but this has spoken to me!! The Assyrian men who said terrible things to Hezekiah’s men remind me of our own stinkin thinkin. We know God’s word. We know God’s promises but we allow Satan’s voice to penetrate our souls and crush our spirits. God has things planned out for us too- He knew us before we were even born!!! Going through tough times will bring us into a fruitful, fertile place where we understand who God is, what He has done for us, and spend our days worshipping Him – as long as we continue to trust Him to carry us through!!!

God will get me out of this funk I’m in. He will give me strength and motivation. He has reminded me that He never breaks His promise by showing me the story of Hezekiah!! If we just keep plugging away, doing what God tells us to do, it (whatever “it” is) will happen- as if an angel came in the night!!!


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