Tim Sarver- Memories

My brother died when I was newly-married (in a car accident). I remember something really cool about him. He was not much interested in writing letters to people (back before email) but when I went to college he sent me a letter on my birthday. In that letter he gave me some really good advice. He said that sometimes in life we have to figure things out for ourselves. Our parents try their best to guide us in the right direction but sometimes we just have to make our own mistakes and learn from them.

How perfect is that!! He was right! We will not find our own way in life if we don’t go it on our own, make some decisions on our own (with God, of course), make some mistakes on our own. Life is about learning and living. It is not about following a predetermined path. It is about the choices we make. Mistakes happen. Sometimes we make the wrong choices in life but that is okay. That’s how we learn!

I will never forget this sage advice. It helped me through some decision making I had to make and reminds me that life is about living. . . . . . That’s what Tim did. He enjoyed his life. He made mistakes in his life. He learned from his life. He loved his life.



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2 responses to “Tim Sarver- Memories

  1. James Dunlap

    I doubt your still reading these. I came across this today. Yep still not a day goes by that i don’t think of him. Best Friend and closets I have ever had to a brother. I admire the way he lived life to the fullest. Wish I was more like him a lot of days.James

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