Did you know that insisting on perfection actually inhibits success? Why is perfection engrained into so many of our minds? Why do so many of us self-talk ourselves into thinking we’re failures because our homes are not perfect or our kids can’t behave or our latest project turned out less than we expected?

Our family is involved in 4-H and a few years back I entered homemade biscuits into the adult exhibits. I decided on biscuits because my time was running short and I did not have time to make my favorite exhibit- pie. I didn’t want to not do something because the adult exhibit area had been decreasing in popularity and I was involved in the home extension (organizers of the event). So I made my biscuits. I couldn’t get them to look exactly alike in size or height but I picked the best ones and took them to the fair.

I didn’t even stay for the judging because I doubted that my, as I perceived them, crooked and uneven biscuits would not get very far in the contest. I took the kids to walk around the fair and before we left I was stopped by lady after lady asking me how I made my biscuits!!! Finally, I asked someone I knew well what the deal was about my biscuits and she informed me that not only had I won in the quick bread division but I had one best of show over all the other baked goods! Crooked and uneven biscuits!!!

Now if I could only take my biscuit lesson and transfer it to my home!!! Getting rid of the “perfection” is harder when it’s only me that is counting on my getting something done. Granted, I have a husband and kids but still- if I can’t keep the house at least imperfectly straightened up for me it won’t make any difference to them.

So, I’m off once again to see what I can accomplish in 2 hours time to give my home a WHBH (weekly home blessing hour). As the Flylady says, “Housework done incorrectly still blesses your home!” As I work, I will be praying for all of the other perfectionists out there that all of us will be able to do something to show signs of improvement instead of doing nothing because we can’t do it perfectly.

Remember the biscuits!!!


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