12. Buy in Bulk?

Yes, you can save money by buying in bulk. But, and I must say BUT!!! You have to store things properly and you have to be able to keep track of when things expire so they can be used up and rotated forward in your pantry or storage area. AND you have to know your prices!! Just because a store sells in bulk does not mean it’s cheaper. You have to divide out your total cost into cost per serving or cost per ounce and compare with smaller packaged items and other stores.

I seriously doubt that buying premade products in bulk will save you much money in the long run. A 10 lb bag of frozen chicken nuggets might cost 3 cents cheaper per serving than a 2 lb bag. But cutting up chicken (that you bought on sale) into bite size boneless pieces of meat, dipping them in milk, flour, milk again, and then cornflake or bread crumbs will ALWAYS be cheaper than buying the premade ones.

Buying in bulk, to me, means the basics should be bought in bulk. Things like flour, sugar, tea, coffee, dry beans, etc. Educate yourself on where these things are cheapest (comparison shopping is the only way to know for sure and be sure to include shipping vs. fuel for driving into your calculation).

Also- Educate yourself on how to store them long term so that they don’t spoil and critters can’t break in! Make a system of some kind to help you know when the stuff stored in the basement or long term storage needs to be brought to the kitchen for use and replaced in the basement with new product. A good source for this kind of information is http://www.millenium-ark.net



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2 responses to “12. Buy in Bulk?

  1. ruralmomof3

    A friend and I did some more research on buying in bulk. Here is what we learned- The price of flour from our usual grocery store is around $2.11 for a 5# bag. Buying flour in 50# bags from our local bulk foods store would cost about $2.00 per 5#’s. A difference of .11. If I bought 100 lbs per year (20 -5# bags) that would be a savings of only $2.20 per year. The same was true for oats and sugar with really only minimal savings.

    If we could stop shopping at our regular store and only bought groceries every few months then the savings would add up. But knowing that we would have to go shopping for milk at least, we could not really take any fuel savings into consideration.

    But- if we continued to shop at our regular store, buying the regular things we already buy, but going half as much (every 2 weeks instead of weekly) we could save around $100 dollars a year!!! Gas prices around here are right around $4/gallon. I would use a minimum of a gallon of gas for each trip to town (20-25 miles depending on the number of stops- my van gets about that in gallons per mile). So if I went 2x month instead of 4x a month, I would save $8 a month. A savings of $96 each year.

    Now that is doable and $100 seems more worth the effort!!! Milk can easily be purchased here with 2 weeks before expiration. If you can’t find milk that fresh, it’s okay. Unopened milk can stay fresh for at least a week past expiration (if you don’t open it until the expiration date and keep it cold, it will be fine for a week longer). I have also read that putting a dash of salt in your milk will help it stay fresh longer. Eggs can also be kept past the date on the carton- no problem. Bread can be purchased and frozen. . . . .

  2. Lyndy

    Milk can also be frozen. Just open it up and pour some out (in a cup or bowl of cereal of course!) Then, you can put it in the freezer. Grandma taught me that. ;~)

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