7. Stop blowing your tax return check!!!

The money that you get back from the IRS is your money that you should have been saving all along!  It’s not free money to be blown on an upgrade for your television or new speakers for your mini-van’s stereo system.  You earned this money and putting it in the bank to earn some interest would be a much better option, financially speaking.  So, it wouldn’t be nearly as fun but think about 30 years from now when you want to go to Florida for the winter?  Will you be able to afford it on your Social Security check?  No!  Keep these same things in mind when you get that “improve the economy” free money from the government this summer.  I dare you to put that in a high interest savings account or CD or IRA.  The government wants you to keep spending money- show them whose boss and save it instead!!!  You will thank me for this advice when you are retired. . . . . .


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