6. Using coupons may be costing you money

I have a bad habit with coupons.  I go through my coupon file folder thingy and if the coupon is about to expire, I add that item to my shopping list- AUTOMATICALLY!!!  Every time that I have done this, my grocery bill is nearly double what it is when I shop with a list and no coupons.

Coupons are only good and helpful things if:

  • you must use name brand of something (i.e. we can only eat Kraft mac n cheese)
  • the coupon makes the name brand item less expensive than the store brand item
  • you truly are out of that item and don’t have 10 of the item back home because you get alot of coupons for it
  • you don’t have to be a math professor and a lawyer to figure out what the coupon is for (i.e. buy 4 of these products from our parent company and get money off your milk purchase but only these products from our parent company qualify and these products do not, etc, etc)
  • the time it takes you to get them ready to take to the store is not time that should be better spent doing dishes, laundry, or getting kids homework done so you can have time for a bedtime story and prayers.
  • you actually SAVE the money that the coupon saved you!  Don’t spend that extra fifty cents on a candy bar that you don’t need!  That’s not saving!  It’s spending!!  Stop by the bank on your way home and deposit it into your savings account.

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