More On Why I Love the Message Bible

I received a comment on my previous post about the Message Translation of the Bible.  I have chosen not to allow the comment to be put on my web page.   I could tell by the short comment that this person does love the Lord and is only trying to do what they see as “the right thing to do” but my goal of this blog is to bring encouragement to people and to offer my thoughts and suggestions on subjects that interest other people in situations similar to my own.   My goal in discussing the Message Bible is not to have a theological debate about it’s worth and accuracy.  My goal in discussing it is to share with people that God uses many forms to teach and share His love for all of us. 

There are Christians in all walks of life.  There are well educated Christians, there are illiterate Christians, there are simple minded Christians, there are theology scholars who are Christians. 

Every Sunday my pastor and all the other pastors of the world stand before us Christians and give us their personal interpretation of what the Bible means.  They read from it, study it, study other books about it, etc and then share with us what they have learned and how the Bible instructs us to live our daily lives- as our pastor has interpretted it.   To me, the Message Bible is very similar to my pastor- just in written form.   I am college educated and have learned more about living my life according to Christ through reading the Message Bible, listening to a “down home” pastor, and answering questions from a dear man who is very intelligent but not well read than I have ever learned through a King James Bible, a New International Version, a Scofield, or any pastor who has spoken to me basing his information on theological beliefs. 

Studying the scriptures is the best way to learn what God was/is  trying to say.  I do not believe that God intended for all of us to argue about which translation is truly “of God” and which ones are not.  All of them, I believe, are serving a purpose for God.   People who are highly educated might find certain translations to work best for them, illiterate people might learn about God only through word of mouth,  simple minded people might learn more about God by reading common language and listening to the common man.  All of these people are different and all of them need a different form of God’s word to help then learn to be more like Jesus.

If you are one of those people who feel that Christianity is not for you because the Bible makes “no sense”, I encourage you to try the Message Bible.   If you are one of those people who is well read in scripture and can understand more complicated or more exact translations, then please do so.  We all love God and He instructs us to love everyone – He does not specify. . . . . . . God uses the broken, the abused, the simple-minded for His purpose.   How many famous people of the Bible that served God well were well educated and without many flaws?  Not many, I’m afraid.  He uses those who cannot speak well and speaks through them.  He uses those who are dying and heals them so that they can spread His message.  He uses those who disobey his commands and works through them to bring greatnes to His kingdom.  He uses the shy and timid to bring about great change.  I could go on and on. . . . .

God can and will use the Message Bible to bring more people to Christ.  He has already and he will continue to . . . . .



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2 responses to “More On Why I Love the Message Bible

  1. spaceagesage

    I found the Message Bible to be a God-send when I left a very legalistic cult because my New King James’ margins were filled with “more correct” interpretations from that cult. I was taught by the pastors of that church to open the Bible and be able to explain what was going on and how to apply it — but with a legalistic, graceless viewpoint. I found it difficult to get back into reading a Bible that seemed so distant to me when I left the cult. The Message Bible — with its wonderful phrasings and refreshing take on God’s word — made reading the Bible a pleasure again. Now I can go back to my NKJ and use any other Bible translation to help gain a greater depth of understanding about any passage. If the words I read are still “living and powerful and sharper than a two-edge sword,” and if they are a mirror for me to see my own character, and if they reflect God’s glory, then the translation doesn’t really matter.

  2. Norm Richards

    Interesting observations!! I have been unable to sleep this morning having been awake since 1.30 am (now 3.20 am!) and came into my study to look at my new paperback edition of the Message. This prompted me to get on their website but I googled it instead which brought up a raft of
    differing sites and ideas. You are right to suggest that God’s Word’s purpose is to bring us into a right relationship with Him; rather like a road map. The only thing about it is that you need the right map otherwise you will end up at the wrong destination – almost like using the wrong manual for your car. Jesus said “I am the Way” and He also said ” ….they shall deceive many…….many there be that go that way….which leads to perdition”. My main concern is anything that demotes my Jesus from His role as my Creator and Redeemer into just another New Age teacher is not the Good News but rather bad news.
    God bless and may you find that the label of legalism (“If you love Me, keep My commandments”) can be worn as a badge of honour under the Bloodstained Banner of Prince Emmanuel)
    Christian love

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