Do what works for your body type  I joined this website after a friend recommended it.  The site owner will help you profile your body type and then teach you what clothes, shoes, accessories, hair style, etc will work for you body and skin type.  There is a fee and it is inexpensive if you pick your own body type based on her descriptions.  If you want her to profile you, there are additional fees.  Someone who is truly interested in wanting to look flattering and feel comfortable all at the same time should reallly consider joining this site. 

At least twice since I signed up, I have seen examples of people who needed this ladies help.  I saw a frazzled mom at the mall bending over to get her stroller out of the trunk.  This gal was pear – shaped and wearing jeans with large pockets with large flaps.  These only drew attention to her pear shape and did not flatter her cute figure at all.  A second time, I saw a photo of a wedding party.  One bridesmaid was given the blessing of a long shaped face.  The hair dresser for the wedding did everyone’s hair up in  a cute doo with the little curly cues coming off from the ears.  This hairdo had no bangs and was pulled up tight.  The long shaped face looked even longer!  If the beautician had taken 5 extra minutes to pull some hair down over the forehead before sweeping it back, this bridesmaid would have looked amazing and beautiful!  Now, I’m not trashing beauticians- the bride probably wanted everyone’s hair exactly the same- I’m just saying that knowing what looks nice on your own body shape only helps you feel good!

Missus Smarty Pants does not know that I have done this review- This is my own positive experience.  Check it out for you!


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