leftover rice recipes

I keep noticing in my blog stats that people are looking for ways to use cooked rice leftovers.  There are lots of ways to use leftover rice. 

There is stir-fry.  You can use leftover meat too in stir-fry.  Start by heating a skillet and placing a little oil in it (spray oil is fine).  If you are using raw meat, cut it up bite size, and cook it first.  Only a Tbl spoon or so of meat is needed per person.  Leave the cooked meat in the skillet and to this add any variety of your favorite veggies (less than a handful per person).  Raw, canned, frozen, or leftover- cut up about 3/4 the size of your meat pieces.   Raw and frozen veggies take longer to cook so if you are using a combo,  don’t put the canned or leftover ones in until the others are tender crisp.   Veggies that I like in stir fry are carrots, peas (any variety), cabbage, onion (any variety), corn, radishes, mushroom, broccoli, and any of the asian vegetables.   When the veggies are tender crisp, add a little more oil (slide the mixture to one side of the pan and spray the empty side, then switch)  and add your cooked (cold- must be cold) rice.  Combine all of this and heat through.  While it is heating, you can add ginger and or soy sauce to give it a more asian flavor or you can add a can of cream of something soup (chicken, mushroom, celery) to have a more casserole like consistency.  When serving as a creamy casserole, top with shredded cheese!

There is rice pudding-  There are tons of recipes for baked rice pudding– most of the baked recipes use cooked pudding and the stove top pudding recipes use raw.  Use your favorite recipe website and try them all.  Rice pudding should only be made with rice that was cooked in water- broth based rice should only be used for stir fry and casseroles.   My mom sometimes makes a cheater rice pudding– she combines cooked rice with brown sugar and cinnamon spreads it in a bowl and tops it with cool whip.  Excellent!  She also makes glorified rice– glorified rice recipes are out there but it is basically a combo of  rice and fruit (pineapple, coconut, marashno cherries, mandarin oranges, peaches, whatever your favorite is) that is combined with cool whip and sometimes marshmallows and sometimes sour cream or cream cheese.  Don’t be afraid to try your own concoction!!!    When mom is planning ahead to make glorified rice she will cook the rice in the juice from the maraschino cherry jar.  This makes the rice pink and adds extra flavor as well.

There’s also chicken and rice soup.  Chicken broth, chopped up chicken, veggies (carrots, peas, celery, cabbage- your choice or combine), salt, pepper,and your leftover rice (Tbl spoon per serving).  For extra zip try sprinkling celery seed or parsley into the soup or adding a dash of lemon juice.  If you like a smooth, slightly thick soup- take 2 – 4 tblspoons of flour and combine that with 1/4-1/2 cup of cold broth or water- stir that into the soup.  (or if you are cooking raw veggies, sprinkle the flour onto the veggies before you start cooking them and cook them in a little butter or oil)

Rice cereal– my kids love rice for cereal!!!  It is also an excellent food for someone getting over the flu!  Place a serving of leftover rice (prepared with water not broth) in a microwave safe bowl.  Add 1/4- 1/2 cup milk.  Microwave for a minute or so until the rice is heated through.  Sprinkle with brown sugar and cinnamon or honey or maple syrup.  Basically like oatmeal.  We sometimes make minute rice up special for this and then of course there is no need for microwaving afterwards.

Rice pancakes– I don’t have a recipe right here but they are on the web.

You can also throw some rice in with your meatloaf in place of the bread crumbs or oatmeal. 


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  1. Linda

    Thanks for your leftover rice ideas. I looked at a bunch of websites, but was most helped by yours. Simple, useful ideas I will actually use.

    Thanks so much!

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