4. Don’t throw away leftovers

Leftovers are not garbage!!  Leftovers can be warmed up tomorrow for lunch- the obvious use for them.  They can also be made into wonderful things.  I will try to add more leftover recipes to my recipes page as I find time but here are a few things to do with leftovers just off the top of my head.  If you need a recipe, use a recipe site to search- my favorite is www.recipezaar.com .    Many of America’s favorite foods started out as creative cooks use of leftovers back before the time that foods were conveniently packaged and readily available.   Most leftovers can become another meal.  If you use the leftovers, you’ve spent the cost of one meal but made two!  That’s a 50% savings!!  For those of you who already use your leftovers, think of my list below as a reason to prepare extra of something so you can make something else.

 Here’s my list:

Fried mashed potato patties

Mashed potato and peanut butter candy

Hash (potatoes, meat, veggies – chopped up and fried)

Vegetable soup (traditional vegetables are not necessary- whatever!)

BBQ beef or pork or chicken

Stir fry

Rice pudding

Rice pancakes

Leftover hot cereal muffins

Fruit compote

Fruit salad

Potato soup

Potato salad

Veggie patties

Bread pudding


Casseroles (almost all of them originated as use for leftovers)

Shepard’s pie

Sloppy Joe’s

Pizza (yes, pizza- get creative- mixed veggie pizza, bbq chicken pizza, pesto pizza, cheeseburger pizza)

Don’t be afraid to try what sounds good to you!!!!  Use the creativity that God gave you to spend your grocery money wisely and use up all of the bounty He gave you for your family!!


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