2. cut back your electricity bill

Only run the dryer once per load of wash.  If the clothes aren’t dry- hang them up or lay them out.  They will dry in no time.

Buy the new fluorescent light bulbs for rooms in your home where the lights are on more than they are not.  Fluorrescent light bulbs are initially more expensive but truly do last longer- if – they are turned on and left on for long periods of time. 

the larger the television and the more technologically advanced it is (i.e. plasma and led type) the more electricity it burns.  check with your local electric company for details.

Only open your deep freeze once a week or even less often.  Use the freezer on your fridge to place items you will need throughout the week from your deep freezer.  Every time you open the deep freeze, you let out a lot of cold air which in turn makes the freezer run.

Keep your deep freeze at least 3/4 full if possible.  It is less efficient keeping air frozen than it is keeping food or ice frozen.  If you know that you will not be getting more food to fill it right away, you can place gallon milk jugs filled 3/4 with water in the freezer to help fill up the empty space.

Run your dishwasher on a the no heat rinse or the no heat dry option.

In the winter, encourage natural light and heat into your home by opening the curtains during the day.  Keep that heat in at night by then pulling your curtains closed at supper time or dusk.


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  1. John

    Nice tips. You can find more energy saving tips at
    http://www.howtosaveonelectricitybill.com. Gives saome %s as well as to how much you may be able to save

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