1. Use half – use twice

Using half of a scoop of laundry detergent will work just fine in most cases.  Even with my  husbands greasy, dusty, clothes- a half of scoop of detergent and a half of scoop of laundry booster works just fine.

A half of a dryer sheet keeps static cling at bay in non-winter months.  Save your dryer sheets and use them twice, also works.

Swiffer pads can be flipped over and the back side will clean nearly as good as the front side.

Add water to the cleaning products that you use on a regular basis.  If you are cleaning something regularly, the dirt doesn’t build up that much anyway.

 Use half of the recommended amount for dishwasher detergent also.

Use one squirt instead of two with your toilet boil cleaner.

Try using half or less than your usual amount of shampoo and conditioner and see if you can tell any difference.

When you print something from the computer for temporary purposes, put the paper back into your printer backwards so you can print on the back the next time you are printing temporary stuff.  Or you could put that paper with writing only on one side in a special place for the kids to use for scrap paper art work and coloring.  My parents business reuses its paper by putting it in the fax machine.  Most faxes received are not something to be kept in perfect condition for any length of time anyway.  If it is, they usually photo copy it anyway to get a better print quality.  This same paper could also be torn into quarters and used for notes at the phone, at the computer, in your pocket, etc.

Don’t throw away those stained t-shirts that your baby or older kid ruined.  The main body of the shirt is the perfect size for dusting or other rags.  cut the arms and collar off and you are ready to go!

Kids jeans have holes in the knees?  Cut them off at the knee and you have shorts for next summer.

Cottage cheese containers and other #4 or #5 plastics that are not recyclable make great leftover containers or dishes to take something  to the neighbors.  You don’t have to worry about getting it back!  Our church has a monthly carry-in dinner and the ladies of the church use these containers to package up leftovers to take to the shut ins in the neighborhood. 


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