My philosophy

My girlfriend emailed the other day asking me about what my boys did as far as chores and stuff.  She had realized that her boys were probably capable of more than she had given them credit for and wanted to start a chore/reward chart.  Well, I replied and gave her a lengthy list of what all my boys were capable of (not necessarily what they actually do to help out but what I know the know how to do).  She then replied back to me that I had just won the Mother of the Year award or some mumbo jumbo like that.  I replied back with my philosophy of life: 

 Anyway, the more I live the more I have relaxed.  We are messy people.  I don’t like to pick up after everyone, I hate laundry, I hate sweeping the floor (my dh did this last night bTW), etc  I feel guilty when someone comes over but I have to give myself credit that I am doing more than I was 6 months ago.  And 6 months ago was doing more than the 6 months before that.  The more I live the more I realize the effects of  being simple minded.  Knowing basic things like: are loved, no matter what                           

2. forgive and forget

3. making messes is fun, cleaning them could be is good if you decide that it is, no matter what. 

The more I think about my life and how mine is different than it used to be the more I am glad that it is different .  Simple is simple and that is good.  Christianity does not have to be and should not be, in my opinion, about specific doctrines or even about thinking deep thoughts on the subject.  To me, Christianity is simple. 

 It is this:  God made everything including people and He loved ALL of it. 

God was upset with how people were disrespecting Him and His stuff. 

God made Jesus. 

God loved the people He made so much that He willingly gave up His Son to save us from our own selves. 

There is heaven waiting for those who accept this all powerful love. 

Life should be based on these same principals.  With that, my boys have learned what they’ve learned because they want to learn it.  Life is good because we decided that it would be.  Teaching my boys how to do stuff is also teaching them how to take care of God’s stuff (because it all truly is God’s stuff: our bodies, our homes, our animals, etc)  Make it simple, make it fun, make your child’s way of doing it good enough!!!


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