Self-employed budget making

I created a budget!  I am so proud of myself!!  Below you will find the process I used.  You can get more information on budgetting through Crown Financial Ministries or by typing in words like,  budgetting, create a budget, get out of debt, etc into your search engine.   There are tons of financial help websites out there! 

 It was time consuming but not difficult!  Being self-employed, we have to go about things a little backwards because of the “I don’t know how much money we make plus I don’t know how much is mine and how much is for the business” problem.  So, because my credit card payments are almost always entered into the computer under “misc” I had to do things manually.  I filed everything, collated according to date, separated the receipts in each file by ‘paid by check’, ‘cash’, mastercard, discover.  Then I used accounting paper and divided everything up according to what account it went in.  The Meijer and Walmart (etc) receipts had to be divided up into grocery/personal care, clothes, gifts, and misc- that was the time consuming part.  After I totalled each account, I totalled all of them together which was my income for last year!  Then I could divide things out to see what percentage of the income went for what.  Then I could adjust the total income for my guess at this year and get new totals (the budgetted amounts).  If you are good at keeping better tabs on things in your computer, it will go alot faster- the computer will do the math for you


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