Real Snow- Snow Cones

We make this every year and if your house has the nine inches of fluffy white stuff like we do, its a perfect day to make Snow Cream!!! This is not for the germ phobic but if your kids eat snow when they are outside playing, this is just as clean as that!! You need:

A large bowl (stainless steel “popcorn” bowl works great) Get your boots on (adults do this part best) and take the bowl outside. Wonder around and find a snow drift that nothing has messed with (no road spray, people or animal marks, etc) scrape off the top layer and then fill your bowl with the clean snow underneath (there still will be occasional flecks of dirt but remember your kids eat this stuff anyway and so did you just a few years ago!) Sit this on your step outside to stay frozen until you get the other stuff prepared.

Any of these or all of them:

Make some koolaid but only use half the water.

A can of sweetened condensed milk with a pour spout punched into the top

 lowfat/lower sugar version: skim milk with some vanilla and enough sugar to sweetened to taste


Maple syrup

Hot Chocolate made with half the water and cooled to room temperature

Scoop up the snow into individual cups. Drizzle any combo of the above on top. I use a turkey baster or a child’s medicine syringe to do this. Stir, taste, add more flavoring or more snow depending on taste!


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