Getting rid of things you don’t need/Getting free things you do need

I have not been asked or received permission to advertise or promote this but I have found it to be useful and worthy of promotion.  Freecycle is a grass roots web organization that starts up small groups in local communities to give and receive good usable items for free!  You can learn about this group via or search for freecycle groups in your area.  We have several groups in my area but many of them are not associated with “freecycle” but their goals are the same or similar.  Many of those groups can be found by searching in Yahoo groups  (or other web group communities) for key words like: freeshare, recycling, recycle, etc.  Include the name of your city or community and this will narrow the search for you.  

These work on the honor system.  I have given away many items and received a couple too!  I have given away clothes, household goods, toys, wallpaper, etc.  I’ve received similar items and once I even got to pick grapes and apples from a neighbor’s orchard that they were not going to be able to preserve themselves and didn’t want them to go to waste. 

Check it out! 


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