I am pro-life, in all aspects. . . . . .

I am pro-life!!  I am for life- I am for equal opportunity for all.  I am for equal treatment among victims.  I am for equal treatment among convicts.  I am for equal treatment among born babies.  I am for equal treatmen among unborn babies.  I am for equal treatment for all who have the opportunity to be the best that they can be.  If a person murders another, they should get the harshest sentance available for murder.  The harshest sentance should apply if the murder victim is white, black, male, female, homosexual, heterosexual, born, unborn, chinese, japanese, Christian, or atheist.  One murder is no worse than another.  A murder is a murder just like the good Lord teaches that a sin is a sin. 

My point is: I just received a voice your opinion to your senator re: ENDA- employee non-discrimination act.  Employers should be allowed to hire the best person for the job.  Period.  They should be allowed to fire a person who does not do their job.  Period.  There should be no scale or  rule that says a white heterosexual woman can be fired for not doing her job but an asian homosexual man cannot be fired for failure to do his job(for example).  People are hired to do their job.  Period.  If you do not do your job to the standard set by your employer, they should have the right to fire you! 

Today’s world is all about me, me, me!  What can I get for nothing?  What can I take advantage of today.  How little can I do and still receive a paycheck?  Who can I badger into protecting me when I screw up?  Who can I manipulate into doing my bidding?  Narcissism or Narcissistic personality disorder is still in the psychiatric diagnostic manual, as far as I know.  It seems these days much of our world has this diagnosis!! 

Love your neighbor doesn’t mean that you can screw your neighbor if they don’t do what you want!!!!  It doesn’t mean that we can bomb abortion clinics because they are breaking God’s laws.  It doesn’t mean we can kill someone because they are different than us. When my kids whine or tattle on each other, I tell them, “when you are perfect, then you can tattle and whine about others!”   Let the Lord be our judge.  When you know without a doubt that you are doing what the good Lord has called upon you to do, then you can ask him to judge those who are judging you.  It is still not up to you to judge- it is up to you to call upon Jesus to help you!

A sin is a sin!  We all sin!  You focus on changing your own sinful behavior and God will help you better yourself.  You focus on doing the job you were hired for and then you deserve a paycheck.  You focus on being kind to those around you and then you get an extra jewel in your crown.

I heard on the radio today:  A Christian is a sinner who feels terrible about their sin.  A non-Chrisitan is a sinner who enjoys their sin.  Why can’t we just all admit we are sinners?  Why can’t we just focus on doing our jobs the way our job descriptions say we are to do them?  Why can’t we focus on adapting to the world around us as God has created it to be?

Go voice your political opinion!  Go to church and smile at that lady across the way who grates your nerves!!  Go to the store and wait patiently for that old codger who drives so slow. When you know you have done all that God has asked of you, then you can be the one who throws the first stone!  If we all just did our jobs the way God wanted us to.  All this equal rights bologna would be unnecessary!


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