Singing with the television

It’s not quite 7:30 in the morning and my kids have had 3 late nights in a row.  However, and even with a cold, my oldest is up and singing the Pokemon theme song with the t.v.!!!  He loves Pokemon!  I love to hear him singing.  Now, none of my kids are singing prodigies or anything but I love to hear them sing.  I love to sing.  Somehow, my kids picked up on that fear of singing in public at a very early age.  (I blame this on the public school system)  So when they sing when they believe no one is listening, it is so cool!!! 

Everyone (me too) but their dad has caught a cold and I wish I could get these boys to blow their nose on a regular basis.  The sniffing drives me crazy.  I actually took one to the doctor last cold season and asked the doctor about the sniffing instead of blowing.  She said it is detrimental to not blow it out.  It slows down the recovery from a cold and will keep them sick longer which can increase their risk of getting an infection as a result of the cold virus.

I can get them to drink herbal tea with honey and lemon.  I know this helps with the congestion so I feel better knowing that they at least have one good habit related to their cold! lol 

Off to sing with the television . . . . . . .


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