Halloween tips

I took the boys to the neighbors for a birthday party last night.  Because it is so close to Halloween, they had a Halloween theme.  She did the cutest thing with the punch!  She put gummy worms in the punch!   We got to talking about different ideas and here’s the list.  Some of the ideas are passed down from her mom, some I read in magazines, and some are mine.

Gummy worms in the punch

Slice potatoes and cut jack 0 lantern faces in each slice- french fry

Frost the cake and bury gummy worms half way in the frosting so it looks like they are crawling out of the cake

Use bell peppers for making personal size jack o lanterns.  Fill them with spagetti and sauce (mixed together) to resemble brains.

Make a pumpkin jack o lantern and fill it with spagetti and sauce for a brainy center piece/main course.  Both this and the bell peppers can then be baked in a slow oven to make the jack 0 lantern edible too!

Hairy buffalo was always a favorite drink for halloween when I was a kid.  Have each child coming to the party bring their favorite soda or koolaid or juice.  Poor all of them together in the same punch bowl!  My church youth group did this and used a clean/new garbage can for the punch bowl!

Haunted house? 

My brothers did this one year (I am the youngest and only girl).  At the entrance they put cotton balls in a glass jar and filled the jar with green colored water.  Pickled eye balls!  Under flashlight light, this is eerie!

Many haunted walks use rope or string to lead the visiters in the dark.  They keep their hand on the rope as they walk through to keep them on the path.  Every once in a while, put cooked spagetti on the rope.  It will gross them out- worms? moss? guts?  Fun!

The large globe type grapes (round, not egg shaped) are perfect eye ball props too.  If you want people to touch things, cover the grapes with oil.   Eeeew!

Finger props?  Baby carrots and pretzels resemble bones if they can’t be seen but just felt!

Don’t forget the simple ideas  for a great fall party!

Hay ride  (you could have some neighbors waiting in the dark along the path to scare everyone!)

Hot Cocoa

Nice Bon fire


Hot Cider (cider can be heated by itself, you can by seasoning mix at the grocery, you can make your own mulling spices: tie in cheesecloth some whole cloves, cinnamon sticks.  Let that simmer for 20 min. or so and then remove the cheesecloth before serving.  Cranberry juice makes a great addition to cider also)

Sloppy Joes


Campfire songs

Playing in the leaves

Bobbing for apples

Donut tied on a string eating contest


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