Flooded bathroom

Well, I just got done cleaning up a pond in my bathroom and hallway.  Our bathroom is approximately 5 x6, including the bathtub.  My 5 year old just emptied half of the bathtub onto the floor!  I was talking to my mother on the phone when I went to check on him (for the 520th time since he got in the tub) and her first question was, “How do you put half of a bathtub on the floor?!”  Now there was like 6 -9 inches of water in the tub and I am really trying to figure this grand question out myself!  I heard splashing but that is a lot of water to get out of the tub in a very short amount of time!!!  We live in an old house and so the water ran for the valley- out in the hall and down the heat register.  Just lovely!!  I sopped up the water, threw away the newspaper/magazine collection that was now ruined (that’s one way to get rid of that stuff w/out much complaint from my husband! lol), and took the antique cabinet that holds the bath towels  out to the porch to dry out.  Well, this is one way to clean the bathroom!!!  Later!


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