God is a verb.

What is it with people these days!??  What is more important- the structure and rules of a program or entity or showing our kids and peers that Jesus love us- each and every one of us!!  God is love!  God is not regulated by structure or rules of engagement!!! 

Some churches and christian entities these days (and I do mean SOME, not all- most churches and christian agencies are full of the love of Jesus- I am venting today!!!!) have forgotten what God has called us to do as Christians.  Proverbs 10:12 says that love covers all sins.  It does not say that love covers only certain sins that are considered acceptable by the general population.   Leviticus 19:18 says that you shall not take vengeance, nor bear any grudge against the children of your people, but you shall love your neighbor as yourself.  The Lord commands this.  He does not speak lightly!!  John 15:12 says that we are to love one another as I (Jesus) have loved you.  It says this is a commandment!!  It doesn’t say that love is necessary only if someone deserves it or when a person has done something that we agree with.  It says that we are to love as Christ loved.  Christ loved so much that he died for us.  Now that is a lot of love!! Romans 13:10 says that love does no harm.  NO HARM!!  Have you ever heard of people who get their feelings hurt by someone in Christian leadership who then leave the church and never return.  These people were harmed!!!  They were harmed by either harsh words, condemnation, lies, or misinterpretations!!  It doesn’t matter what the harm was really, it only matters that the person doing the harm doesn’t realize that they are harming until it’s all done and over with.  The person doing the harming may even think that they are doing God’s work by telling a fellow Christian something that they are doing wrong or inappropriate.  It is true that we are to go to people when there is a wrong but we are to do this OUT OF LOVE and not condemnation. 

Nothing sickens me more than when I hear of people representing themselves as one of God’s people or a Christian who then go and knowingly condemn, ridicule, or otherwise cause harm to someone else.  Or people who are asked to be in Christian leadership who then let their position turn others into their slaves to do exactly as they are told, lest they be condemned or ridiculed publically or in private later.  God is the judge.  We are His servants.  Sharing the love of Christ is about the love not the program.  It’s okay to have people with less ability than yourself in leadership positions-  God uses all walks of life to promote his kingdom!  It’s okay if little Johnny is too shy to go to his own class and needs to go to Sunday School with his big brother. It’s okay if little Shakira dirties her diaper every Sunday and mom forgets the diaper!  It’s okay if little Suzie insists on getting a drink as soon as church starts.  It’s okay if the teenagers are in the back pew whispering and having a good time.  It’s okay if the newborn baby cries during worship and the new mom is not ready to send the child to the nursery just yet.  It’s okay of little Joey insists on playing with the microphone instead of listening to the children’s sermon.  It’s okay if little Sarah is technically too young but comes anyway to the current program that her siblings attend.  It’s okay if young Bobbie has behavior problems and squeels insessantly right during prayer time.  It’s okay if the old lady in the back pew insists on using real plates and not styrofoam at church dinners.  It’s okay if there are typo’s in the church meeting minutes.  It’s okay if the chairman of that committee can’t come to every board meeting or comes without his report ready.  It’s okay if JimBob has to smoke one last cigarrette at the entrance of the church right before coming in.  It’s okay if the local Harley Davidson bikers club shows up in the church parking lot and disrupts the offering as they walk in the door.  It’s okay that the local drunk is at the church again begging for money.  It’s okay that George, who has a wonderful voice, can no longer sing in church since his dad died.  It’s okay if the only person to accept the position of song leader sings so quietly that you can’t hear them.  It’s okay that the pianist plays too  slow or too fast.  It’s okay that technically, you don’t agree with the theology of the pastor.  It’s okay if the Jones’s  show up 10 min late every Sunday and march to the front of the church.  It’s okay if the “tweenager” brings his gameboy to church.  It’s okay if the cleaning lady forgot to swish one of the toilets.  It’s okay if the local mice population decided to move into the fellowship hall.  It’s all okay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Each of these people needs the love of Jesus not the judgement of man!!!!  God is good.  It’s all good.  Love is a verb!!!!  God is a verb.  He only asks that we remember that love is a verb too.  What would Jesus do if one of the above people showed up at his house?  WWJD????  He would welcome them in!!  And He would love them!!!!



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2 responses to “God is a verb.

  1. “…forgive them, for they know not what they do”

    (Luke 23:34)

    I also believe GOD is a verb, GOD is unconditional love.

    You have a great heart and a sensitive soul.

    With gratitude…

  2. ruralmomof3

    After receiving Louise’s comment, I re-read what I had wrote back in October. It brought tears to my eyes because I have seen with my own eyes or heard from others each and every example that I put in my venting. God forgives each of us and I pray that He will guide each person who reads this article to a closer more loving relationship, not only with God, but with those around them. One of my favorite songs is, “Give them all”

    Give them all
    Give them all
    Give them all to Jesus
    Shattered dreams, broken hearts, wounded souls.
    Give them all
    Give them all
    Give them all to Jesus
    And He will turn your sorrows in to Joys. . . .

    That is from memory, so forgive me if I didn’t get it exactly right. When someone bothers us or seems to not understand, just give that situation to God. He will take care of it. He is taking care of it right now.

    Thanks, Louise! You are truly wise. . . For those of you who have not read Louise’s blog please do so today! http://attractmorejoy.com

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