Kids are so frustrating!!!!!!

Most Saturdays are designated catch up days at our house.  This means that mom and kids pick up and straighten up, do laundry, catch up on dishes, etc.  Most Saturday’s my kids are pretty compliant with this, but not today.  Oh no, not today.  We are taking a 15 min. break right now after barely getting 15 min. of work out of them.  I have had one tantrum, one bad attitude, and one “I’m bored” (even though his bed is covered with clothes).   Perhaps the kids forgot that pay is involved!  Perhaps they are just really tired.  Perhaps the cartoons are just too inviting!  We’ll jump back in in a couple minutes and see where the Lord will take us!  Perhaps, I should spend more than a couple minutes with each kid before moving on to the next one.  I’ll give that a try!


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